1988…. The year Toxico was born….

Also the year that Bon Jovi had Bad Medicine, Def Leppard were busy getting Love Bites,

Michael Jackson was still almost a “Man in the Mirror” (bet he regretted that title!)

Rick Astley was “Never Gonna Give You Up & Kylie MInogue was doing “The Locomotion”,

All whilst Elton John was singing what I term the most fucking horrendous song of all time

“Candle in the Wind” ….. KILL US NOW!

It all started in a bedroom ,good old mum!.....   until I ruined the carpet and was told to leave.

The first retail was done from the legendary Camden Stable Market, back in the day when it was still a good place to visit!

Much enjoyment was had in this period, selling abusive t-shirts, having the loudest stereo in the market, throwing stones at popstars, and drinking lots…. All in a good days work!

I started making t-shirts, as I wanted something different than what was on offer, and the main aim over the years has been to offer decent quality for fair prices and offer good customer service.

We also like to enjoy what we do, and make sure the music is always on loud, and the tea is in constant supply.

We still print in house, by hand, and don’t employ any children.